DDTC has announced an administrative settlement with the company, AeroVironment, Inc. for violations of the AECA and the ITAR in connection with the unauthorized exports of defense articles, to include technical data, failure to properly maintain records involving ITAR-controlled transactions, and violations of the provisos, terms, and conditions of export authorizations.

Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corporation may both soon garner a new title – “Foreign Adversary”. The Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) has taken the first action, announcing that it plans to vote in November to designate Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corporation as posing national security risks.

In a real baseball game, the players have the goal of staying at bat and not getting out, however, in the game of encryption, you are actually looking to get out. In particular, you want to determine if your item can “get out” of the Category 5 Part 2 controls.