Commodity Jurisdictions

Sometimes, the only way to determine which regulation applies is to ask Uncle Sam.

If you’re struggling to figure out whether ITAR or EAR applies to your item, there’s a process to get the answer you need – straight from the source. Commodity Jurisdictions (CJs) are a formal, written request to have the U.S. Government evaluate your product or service, and determine if it’s subject to ITAR jurisdiction.

A Commodity Jurisdiction may be right if:

  • Your product/service has never been on the market before
  • You have brand-new, “cutting edge” technology
  • You have legacy products which were designed years ago, and you need to know if ITAR still applies
  • Your “military-inspired” items now have broad, commercial applications

Prepare and submit your CJ request

This is more than just filling out some paperwork. You want to paint a complete picture of your product or service, and provide compelling evidence to the U.S. Government, so they can reach an accurate conclusion. Forgot something? Your application will be “Returned Without Action” (RWA’d), and you’ll have to start the whole process over again.

A great Commodity Jurisdiction will:

  • Provide detailed, comprehensive specifications about your product or service
  • Explain its commercial and/or military applications
  • Describe the history of how it was developed
  • Include your own analysis and determination of ITAR vs. EAR jurisdiction (and your reasons why)

Doing this right means hiring an expert who has the depth of knowledge and background to submit your CJ correctly – the first time, without any mistakes.