You have: Potential foreign business.
You need: A trade compliance specialist to help.

An international trade consultant is more than just someone who can read and understand government regulations. They’re an integral part of your supply chain, and a valuable “go-to” resource for all of your compliance questions and issues.

A good export consultant can:

  • Prevent violations, thereby avoiding costly fines, penalties and shipment seizures
  • Help streamline your supply chain
  • Resolve issues between your company and the U.S. Government’s import/export agencies
  • Keep your shipments moving quickly out the door, while also giving you the peace of mind that your company is complying with the law

You probably need help if:

  • You’ve never heard of ITAR or EAR and don’t know if they apply to your business
  • You’ve received “friendly” phone calls from government agents at State, Commerce, Treasury, ICE or Census
  • You (wrongly) believe that your freight forwarder takes care of all import/export compliance for you
  • Your shipment has been seized by Customs and won’t be released
  • The one person at your company who handles trade compliance just quit
  • You know you’re doing some things right, but also know you could do better

Not all export consultants are the same! Export Solutions has worked with hundreds of organizations of all sizes, and our team has decades of experience to help you. Contact us today to schedule a no-charge consultation and analysis. We are committed to earning your trust and generating positive outcomes for your business, so that we can become your regulatory compliance consultant for life.