Are We a Good Fit?

It’s important to ensure that our client-consultant relationship is a good fit, from the start.

Every client is unique, and each solution requires a different approach. That said, we’ve learned a number of things over the years about successful consulting relationships. Here are some common characteristics of the clients we serve. These will help you determine if Export Solutions is right for you.

  1. Size: We serve companies of all sizes, but the majority have annual revenue of at least $5 million.
  2. Years in Business: In most cases, we do not work with “start-ups” or new business ventures.
  3. Work Scope: For many companies, it is not cost-effective to hire us for a single export transaction or deliverable. The majority of our clients have a variety of needs we can meet.
  4. Money: For an export compliance program, you should have a minimum budget of $10,000. (Also see Pricing)
  5. Engagement: You have the time and the commitment for us to engage, so we can learn about your people, processes and products. We do not build solutions in a vacuum.

Some further things to know about us:

    • We accept RFPs, but be ready to discuss. If your company is sending an RFP to multiple vendors, we won’t discard it outright. However, we will strive to have meaningful dialogue with the decision makers in your organization. If you can’t take the time to talk with us, then we fear you’re just fishing for the cheapest bid … rather than the best fit.
    • If you’re an attorney, we will not serve as an “Expert Witness” in a legal proceeding on behalf of your client.
    • We are not a freight forwarder. If you need to physically move goods, please call FedEx. (They’ve been doing it for years!)
    • When it comes to trade compliance, there is no such thing as a “quick” or “easy” fix. Our expertise can definitely save you countless hours, but if you’re looking for a “quick fix” to your current problem, then we are not the right firm for you.