Our Story

How consulting should be done.

In 2008, Export Solutions was founded with a simple idea – trade compliance consultants should deliver practical advice to help their clients. Rather than quoting excerpts from the regulations or looking for reasons to run-up the next invoice, they should offer real solutions to drive meaningful change for companies who struggle to comply with import/export laws.

More than 15 years, and hundreds of clients later, that’s still our goal.

Don Buehler, our founder, started his career in the aerospace industry. As one of the founding members of Nadcap, Don spent years helping change the way quality systems were developed and implemented for aerospace companies around the globe. Later, he was responsible for trade compliance at an international company. In that role, Don had a variety of encounters with outside consultants who were of little or no use to the organization.

These consulting firms were always eager to say, “You can’t do that.” They were happy to submit large invoices while making little – if any – attempt to help Don apply the rules to his company’s products and technologies.

That was the start of Export Solutions – a consulting firm that not only helps you understand the regulations, but one that also provides real-world solutions to address the realities of the products, markets and challenges you face every day.

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of organizations of all sizes. But it isn’t the size of the company that determines our success. It’s our unwavering dedication to providing the help you need. It’s our commitment to honest, ethical timekeeping and transparent billing so there are no surprise invoices. It’s our responsiveness and passion for client satisfaction. And it’s our incredible team of experts whose experience is unmatched in our industry.

Perhaps that’s why, in a recent survey, 100% of our clients said they would recommend us to others, and 90% rated “valued-added services” as their primary reason for choosing to work with us.

It’s a simple idea – trade compliance consulting the way it should be done.

Tom Reynolds

President & Co-Founder

Export Solutions, Inc.