ITAR Regulations

ITAR regulation has been around for decades.
And it isn’t going away anytime soon.

ITAR has been “on the books” since the mid-1970’s. That means companies have been trying to meet ITAR compliance requirements for the same amount of time. In some ways, the regulations are broad – leaving plenty of gray area for interpretation. In more recent years, the government has strived to make ITAR more clearly defined, so that companies can better understand and apply the rules to their business.

ITAR compliance requirements you can understand and follow:

    • A good consultant will not try to dazzle you with complicated language and obscure references to the regulations. Instead, they’ll explain things in laymen’s terms – making it easy for you to understand and apply the rules.
    • A good consultant will be able to define what aspects of ITAR apply to your business, and create solutions to comply with those.
    • A good consultant will be able to provide expert advice and guidance to keep your company out of trouble.