We specialize in export compliance solutions for companies of every size.

  • Consulting – Let Export Solutions evaluate your current practices, so we can help you find cheaper, better and faster ways to achieve compliance.
  • Training – From audiences of one to 1,000 – our compliance training solutions deliver the knowledge and understanding you need.
  • Managed Services – Our international trade management solutions provide expert support without the need to add headcount to your budget.
  • Compliance Audits – Do you have an export controls audit program? If not, you could be violating the regulations without even knowing it!
  • Compliance Program Development – We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive, practical approach that covers both ITAR and EAR regulations
  • Voluntary Disclosures – When you’ve made a mistake, sometimes the best course of action is to voluntarily disclose to the government. But you don’t have to go it alone.
  • Classification Projects – You have a backlog of 10,000 parts that need the correct import-export classification assignments. Where do you start? Give us a call.
  • Commodity Jurisdictions – Sometimes, the only way to determine which regulation applies to your product or service is to ask Uncle Sam.