ITAR Violations

ITAR violation? It can happen to anyone.

If you work with ITAR-controlled items, the question isn’t necessarily if you’ll have a violation, but when. Even the biggest companies with sophisticated compliance programs and entire departments of trade compliance staff run into problems. Avoiding violations is crucial, but equally important is what you’ll do when one has already occurred. This is where training, expertise and a careful handling of the situation can make all the difference in the world.

There’s also the concept of continual improvement. This is something the U.S. Government will be very focused on as it evaluates your violations. If your company continually commits ITAR violations – yet never corrects the root causes of those violations – then you’re setting yourself up for disaster. You must be able to prove that you’ve identified the root causes and have implemented corrective actions to solve those problems. Anything less is just treading water until the government forces you to improve – a costly, time-consuming and unpleasant process.

Our team can not only work with you to help mitigate fines and penalties for ITAR violations. We can also draw upon our years of expertise to implement meaningful changes, so that violations do not recur.