Classification Projects

Your database of 10,000 parts needs the correct import-export classifications.
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Classification is often referred to as the cornerstone of import-export compliance. Get it right, and you’re well on the way to success. Get it wrong, and everything that follows will probably be wrong, too.

Some companies make only one product or service. But what happens when you have an inventory of 5,000 … 10,000 … or 50,000 items? Suddenly, the challenge of assigning the correct import-export classification has reached nightmare proportions.

Enter Export Solutions. Our team of trade compliance experts loves to classify. (We know, it’s kind of geeky. But everyone needs a passion, right?)

We excel at large-scale classification projects:

  • Resources to tackle any database – regardless of size
  • We have classified hundreds of thousands of items across many different industries.
  • Work within your ERP system or trade compliance software
  • (Or, if you prefer to go “old school,” we have some serious spreadsheet skills.)
  • Correctly assign the USML Category or ECCN to your product, as well as the HTS and Schedule B code
  • Rationale included with each assignment, so you have a clear audit trail.
  • We work really, really fast!

Let’s talk about your classification project. Whether you have ongoing needs, or a large “backlog” of items, we can help.