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Import Consulting Services For Your Business

No matter your business’s size or where you are importing goods from, the importing process can be a maze of confusing paperwork and shipping procedures. The United States holds importers responsible for all imports they bring into the country.

If you are importing goods or services from other countries, you already know how difficult it can be to understand and adhere to all the variables involved with import compliance. Government regulations were not made to be easily understood, nor were they created with your business process in-mind.

As an importer, the government holds you solely responsible for adhering to trade compliance regulations. You can’t use ignorance as an excuse, and Your business is responsible for many aspects whenever you import something into the U.S., including:

  • Valuation: What is the price paid for the goods that are imported? Companies need to report all fees, costs, and pricing changes.
  • What Is It?: You need to define your imported goods based on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. (HTS). You must assign an HTS code based on the country of origin, and this information establishes duty rate and trade statistics for imported goods.
  • Country Of Origin: Country of Origin is more than just listing where your shipment is from. CBP uses this information to increase or decrease duty based on several factors.
  • Quantity: You need to report the number of imported goods to meet your compliance responsibilities. HTS outlines which unit of measure needs to be reported when filing an import declaration.

Whether your business receives thousands of shipments a year or runs a smaller operation, you need professional import consulting services to keep your business running efficiently. A simple mistake with documentation or recordkeeping error can lead to costly delays and fines.

Since import compliance is a complex and technical field, you need a consulting firm with hands-on experience working with government agencies and someone who has years of experience working with your industry and import needs.

Import Consulting Services For You
You have enough to worry about with your business- leave import consulting to us. Our team will make sure your business and operations adhere to all U.S. regulations and requirements.

How We Help With Import Compliance

The U.S. government is strict on import compliance because it provides an important layer to protect national security interests, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects payment through tariffs for different types of imports.

Both of these reasons make import compliance a top priority for the U.S. government. Your business needs to stay compliant when importing any type of good or material from another country.

The steps involved throughout the importing process can be confusing if you are not familiar with the required documentation, procedures, or roles involved when importing goods to the U.S.

Even if your team understands the process, you can find constant changes for import compliance change each year, and different regulatory agencies demand different reports and documentation. Here are just a few ways our consulting services help businesses just like yours avoid costly fines and penalties while also saving time and money in the long-run.

  • Import Compliance Training: Requirements to remain import compliant are continually changing, and ongoing training is one of the best ways to keep your employees compliant throughout the year. There is no defined rule for the “right” amount of training, but you should have employees complete import compliance training based on your business’s needs.
  • Import Audits & Assessments: Customs uses a range of audits and programs to catch import violations. Are you 100% certain that you are compliant? Our import audits and assessments provide a comprehensive look at your import compliance program to find violations that could lead to violations and fines before they happen.
  • Import Compliance Program: A comprehensive import compliance program helps standardize everything your company needs to meet your trade compliance obligations.
  • HTS Compliance: The HTS is a 10-digit code used by U.S. Customs to determine tariffs on commodities coming into the U.S. Our HTS Compliance services help you navigate the 17,000 possible classifications to ensure your business correctly classifies imported goods.
  • Free Trade Agreements: Understanding FTAs and how they can assist your business can seem like a daunting task. Our team can help make sure you are meeting the requirements of FTAs, including reporting and certifications (or re-certs), to maximize your savings and compliance under these valuable agreements.
  • Duty Protests: While most of our import consulting services focus on preventing violations, our duty protests help imports reclaim funds and even save money in the long run! If you import lots of shipments a year, then you should talk to our team about how we can help save you money and get you refunds with a duty protest today!
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Importing goods to the U.S. is a maze of regulations. Our team is here to help you navigate all aspects of importing to keep you and your business safe!

Why Does Your Business Need Import Consulting Services?

As an importer, your business is fully responsible when importing goods into the United States. Professional trade consulting services can help your business navigate the challenging U.S. import regulations that could open your organization up to fines and even the loss of goods.

You need to maintain perfect import compliance if your business relies on international trade for any part of your supply chain. Importers can become overwhelmed with the numerous compliance and logistic options you need to meet to remain compliant with the government.

A comprehensive Import Compliance Program is one of the best ways for your business to protect itself from fines and other consequences that come with failing to meet import compliance regulations.

The trusted import-export consultants at Export Solutions provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to keep your business running.

  • Duty Management: Import consultants will help you find and take advantage of preferential trade programs. This type of professional overview can help you uncover significant savings in all areas of your business.
  • Regulatory Agency Compliance: Different products from different countries require their own set of documentation. A professional import consultant can help you understand and process this documentation to keep your business compliant with different regulatory agencies.
  • Vender Performance Management: An import consultant can help you reduce the number of exceptions, which keeps your business running as smoothly as possible. This is accomplished by maintaining tight control on all aspects of the import process, from planning, monitoring, and executing performance metrics for your service providers and your internal teams.

As the world becomes more interconnected with international trade, importing products worldwide plays a vital role in nearly every business in today’s market.

How Can Our Import Consultants Help Your Business?

Export Solutions offers managed services backed by years of experience with a team of import consultants who help organizations comply with the U.S. and international import regulations.

We are a full-service consulting firm with an in-depth knowledge base of trade compliance.

Your business is unique, with its challenges and needs. Here are some ways that our import consulting services can help your business:

  • Provide focused training to help educate and equip your staff about import compliance.
  • Evaluate and improve your trade compliance functions through a process of audits and assessments.
  • Support import licenses from the initial draft to final submission.
  • Act as a “sounding board” and resource to answer questions, resolve issues, and avoid import violations.
  • Handle various documents like bills of lading, commercial invoices, freight shipping forms, etc.

Our specialists are subject matter experts on a variety of U.S. and foreign import compliance laws and regulations. From the U.S., Canada, and E.U. to the Asia/Pacific and Middle East/Africa regions, we have the expertise and background to handle all of your trade compliance needs.

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Import Consulting FAQs

What does an import consultant do?
No matter your business’s size or where you are importing goods from, the importing process can be a maze of confusing paperwork and shipping procedures.

Why do I need an import consultant?
The U.S. government is strict on import compliance because it provides an important layer to protect national security interests.

Am I responsible for importing items into the U.S.?
Yes! As an importer, the government holds you solely responsible for adhering to trade compliance regulations.