Import & Export Compliance Training

Import & Export Compliance Training

Export and import training are critical to ensure your international trade programs remain compliant with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Global trade demands that your import-export business keeps all employees involved with supply chain management in compliance with regulations established by various U.S. regulatory agencies.

All businesses can quickly find themselves in hot water with the U.S. government if they violate any part of ITAR or EAR. Whether you are a small business or startup just starting or an established business with years of experience, you need employees updated on importing and exporting requirements.

What Are The Different Types Of Import And Export Training?

Export Solutions employs industry leaders who deliver engaging and relevant information to equip your employees and help your business management avoid costly fines and penalties. We offer in-class workshops and online courses to keep your team updated with timely course material.

We know that not all employees need to go through training courses each year, and this is why we customize our in-class and online learning sessions around the needs of your team.

Here are a few of our most popular training courses used by importers and exporters:

1. New Employee Orientation

Do you have new employees who oversee critical parts of trade compliance for your international business? This type of training is an excellent opportunity for new employees to get acquainted with the company’s export policies and procedures.

2. Annual Training Sessions

Import-export regulations are constantly changing, and it’s vital that your teams are updated on all regulatory changes in foreign trade. It’s important that employees of every department are aware of what the export regulations and internal policies and procedures mean to them.

3. General Company-Wide Awareness

Import-export training is an essential part of a company’s operations, and every employee should be required to attend. Export policies can get confusing for some employees in particular roles, so they might not have engaged with the potentially problematic ones yet–and it would take too much time to retrain those who are already skilled at their specific tasks (such as accounting).

4. Training Your Internal Trade Compliance Officers

Our training courses are the perfect solution if you want to train up an internal team for your business management needs. Most import-export compliance teams go through 1 or 2 online courses with us to get an in-depth understanding of their job roles and how to stay in compliance with ITAR/EAR regulations.

Is Compliance Training Right For Your Business?

Not sure if your employees should enroll in one of our compliance training sessions? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you need a training course:

  • Does your company work with the defense industry or other products/technologies subject to export restrictions?
  • Do you import or export anything from other companies (sourcing raw resources or machined components)?
  • Do you have a workforce spread across the world?
  • Does your company provide products or services that deal with the development, manufacturing, maintenance, or storage of technology, software, or data?
  • Do you employ foreign persons in any of your facilities?

Your business could benefit from our compliance training courses if you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions. Our team will provide your employees with the information you need to remain compliant in all areas of international trade.

Say 'Hello' To Your Trade Experts Today!
Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of trade compliance experts working on your team? The risks of violating regulations can cripple your business, erode your earnings, and even lead to jail time. You don’t have to put you and your business at risk- simply talk to our trade experts to understand your needs.

Custom-Tailored Import Export Courses Based On Your Needs

The compliance training that our staff offers is packed with value from the moment you begin to work with us. Unlike other firms and training solutions, we do not charge “per attendee” — you only pay for our time, regardless of how many people you have in the room. This is a considerable cost saving for your organization!

All employees must receive adequate compliance training in current ITAR, EAR, and OFAC laws. Our compliance instructors will structure each course to be easy-to-follow and utilize learning methods that are comprehensive and engaging.

As part of our training, we also take time to identify your unique problems and train to those issues. This makes the training more efficient and relevant for the audience.

Our team is ready to provide your company with the best compliance training solutions available. Claim your no-charge consultation today!

Take The Confusion & Risk Out Of Trade Compliance
You have enough to worry about with your business, and trade compliance doesn’t have to be one of them.

Import & Export Compliance Training FAQs

Does my company really need training?
The U.S. government takes compliance seriously. Having the proper training can help you be more compliant and less likely to be assessed fines and penalties should violations occur.

How often should we train employees?
Specific training differs according to each employee’s role, however, annual company-wide awareness training is crucial in overall company compliance.
How should training be documented?
All compliance-related training should be documented via a training log or another avenue in order to record what training has been completed and by whom.