Import Audits & Assessments

Professional Import Audits & Assessments

Customs authorities use a wide range of audits to assess compliance and risk for imports of all shapes and sizes. It is a common myth that customs authorities only focus on large importers, but the truth is that they also audit smaller importers.

Smaller businesses are at a disadvantage because they often have fewer staff and resources to handle their compliance programs, controls, and manage the entire import process. This results in these business operations to fall out of compliance.

This can lead to significant fines and other penalties that can amount to millions of dollars, and your product can get tied up at the border for weeks.

Not only can violations result in hefty fines and lost productivity, but they can also lead to the loss of customer trust. All of these potentially devastating results of noncompliance can be avoided with a straightforward and objective import assessment.

What Is An Import Audit?

An import audit is a reactive measure that is conducted after a company is found to have compliance issues with the U.S Government. Companies that are found to be in violation of U.S. regulations are often required to go through an independent compliance audit as part of the penalties and corrective course of action.

These audits are usually mandated and overseen by a specific government regulatory agency. Companies that are required to complete an import audit must submit the audit to the regulatory agency with proof that the audit was completed, and they have addressed issues that caused the violations.

What Is an Import Assessment?

An import assessment is a proactive, independent review that looks over all aspects of your import compliance plan. This process is designed to improve your company’s compliance with various U.S. government import regulations.

Since import assessments are designed for the unique needs and business operations of individual companies, they can gain valuable direction to strengthen their company’s operations across the board, including:

  • Receive comprehensive feedback about your company’s import process.
  • Improve your risk management for various business operations.
  • Ensure you are compliant with government processes and regulations.

Import Audits & Import Assessments For Your Business

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