ITAR Certification

Wondering how to get ITAR certification?
Unfortunately, you can’t!

Many times per week, we talk with people and the conversation starts something like this: "I need to get ITAR certified.” Or, “My company wants to know the ITAR certification requirements." This quickly leads to a discussion about how ITAR certification doesn’t really exist.

Debunking the certification myth

The truth is, there’s no such thing as ITAR certification. That’s because there’s no independent certification body for ITAR, or any other U.S. export regulation for that matter. Unlike some quality systems (e.g., ISO, Nadcap, AS9100), you cannot hire an outside organization to “certify” your company for ITAR. This situation is further complicated when people confuse certification with DDTC registration. Registration is a requirement under the ITAR and it’s something that any U.S. company who is engaged in ITAR work must do.

Instead of “certification” think “compliance”

During discussions with prospective clients, we encourage them to think differently about the need for “ITAR certification.” Instead of trying to obtain some Seal of Approval that doesn’t exist, companies should be focused on how to implement plans and systems to comply with the law. ITAR compliance is about understanding the regulations, and implementing a process to ensure your company does not inadvertently violate the regulations.

“What is ITAR certification?” It’s a myth! Instead, ask yourself “What must my company do to comply with the ITAR?”

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