Compliance Audits

Do you have an export controls audit program?
If not, you could be violating the law without even knowing it!

Export audits typically occur in one of two ways – you initiate the audit on your own, in order to improve compliance; or, the government directs your company to conduct an audit and provide them with the results. Regardless of which camp you’re in, our auditors are trained to find your non-compliance areas and – most importantly – to fix them.

Most export audit programs will:

  • Have a strong, documented approach to internal audits and self-assessments
  • Mandate an external, third-party audit to be conducted at some regular interval
  • Ensure a comprehensive process for identifying non-compliances and implementing corrective actions
  • Be supported by top management
  • Be focused on continual improvement

If your company is under a “directed audit” from a government agency, we can help:

  • Export Solutions has been approved to conduct directed audits by DDTC for clients with ITAR violations in the past
  • Our team is well-versed in both ITAR and EAR regulations
  • We bring a comprehensive, objective approach to each audit, and we document our findings in a thorough, detailed report which is then shared with your management and the relevant governmental agencies
  • If needed, we can review your corrective actions and ensure they are implemented
Let us help you improve with an audit or export compliance assessment today. Contact Us for an evaluation of your needs, and recommendations on how we can help.