ITAR Registration

Registration is an important first step.

If your company works with ITAR-controlled items, then registration is an important first step. This is defined in Part 122 of the regulations. But simply paying the ITAR registration fee does not mean your obligations have been met. Your company is responsible for complying with all aspects of the ITAR – not just the registration requirement.

For most organizations, this means developing and implementing a plan to make sure that all ITAR requirements are being met. These plans change from one company to the next, but they typically include:

    • In-depth training for key personnel who are responsible for compliance
    • Developing policies, procedures and processes to comply
    • Training all employees on the basics of ITAR and how to follow the company’s program
    • Monitoring exports and applying for licenses as needed
    • And more …

Don’t get caught in the trap that so many do! Registration is important, but ITAR compliance means much more than simply paying the annual fee to DDTC.

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