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I highly recommend Export Solutions as a one-stop provider for all of your company’s trade compliance needs. It is terrific to work with an organization that is able to adapt to our needs so readily and effectively. - Colin Luke Project Manager, Setpoint Integrated Solutions
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Trade compliance is labor-intensive, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain compliant as regulations, sanctions, and trade laws change. Mistakes can be costly. Companies can incur hefty fines, damaged reputations, lost sales, and disruptions to their supply chain.

If you ship or receive goods or services, then you need a trade compliance leader on your team to help you with import/export compliance, tariff savings, avoiding costly fees and penalties, and to keep your business running smoothly.

Do you want the confidence that your business is compliant and safe from government fines and penalties? Take a look at a few of the ways we help companies just like yours.

We Are Your Global Trade Compliance Partner

Export Solutions, Inc. is your “In-House” trade compliance team — providing solutions to cover a full range of compliance activities. Our hands-on approach will take your compliance program from good to great as we take action on everything from large-scale, major operations, and even subtle tweaks with day-to-day activities.

The needs of your business are constantly evolving, and the requirements of import and export compliance are constantly changing. In an uncertain world, you can’t afford to risk non-compliance or the penalties that come with violations.

Our team of trade experts has an average of 20 years of trade compliance experience along with the most up-to-date insight for all of your needs. This unique blend of trade knowledge and experience provides a broad spectrum of ITAR, EAR, and OFAC Compliance, as well as Customs compliance, to ensure the success and stability of your business for years to come.

Are you still wondering if our team can help you? Here are just a few ways that Export Solutions can strengthen the trade compliance program of companies just like yours:

  • Interpreting regulations, scope, and application to your business and shipping needs.
  • Reviewing your trade compliance program to find areas that need improvement in policies and procedures.
  • Classification of your import/export shipments to ensure seamless delivery.

  • Jurisdiction determination of your products and services.
  • Providing assistance in all export and import compliance needs.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and overseeing licenses and agreements.

Take a look at some of the common needs companies have and how we help your business comply with these regulations.

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We are not your typical Export Compliance Consulting firm. We deliver solutions that enable you to be compliant to the regulations, but that are also conducive to your way of doing business. Don Buehler President Get to Know Don

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Regulatory Compliance Consulting

We offer a variety of export and import compliance consulting services tailored to meet your needs. Let Export Solutions evaluate your current practices, so we can help you find cheaper, better and faster ways to achieve compliance.

Compliance Training Solutions

Need to build your knowledge and expertise? We offer a variety of training solutions to equip your teams with the understanding and know-how they need to comply with U.S. import/export regulations.

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