We Need ITAR Certification

Need ITAR certification requirements?
The problem is, they don’t exist!

What is ITAR certification? To put it simply, this is one of those buzzwords we often hear in our industry, which doesn’t really mean anything. Unlike some quality systems (e.g., ISO), there are no published ITAR certification requirements. Therefore, there are no certification bodies who can give you an “ITAR Seal of Approval.”

“Compliance” … not “Certification”

  • It’s a subtle distinction, but companies should strive to be compliant to the ITAR. (Not “certified” to a standard that doesn’t exist.)
  • Compliance is about understanding the rules and regulations, and adopting a comprehensive approach to follow them.
  • If anyone claims they can make you “ITAR Certified”, just recognize this certification will not be worth the paper it’s printed on!

How we can help you comply with the ITAR:

  • Our team of ITAR experts has spent decades working in this field.
  • Train your people so they understand the requirements.
  • Develop policies and procedures to protect you from violations
  • Implement a practical system that can be understood and (most importantly) followed by your employees

“How to get ITAR certification?” The real question to ask yourself is: “What does ITAR compliance look like for our organization?” If you need help answering that question, then Export Solutions is the right partner for you.