Export Control Reform

“The times they are a changing!”
Export Control Reform is here.

In recent years, President Obama’s Export Control Reform initiative (or ECR) has brought about significant changes to both the ITAR and the EAR. Understanding how these new rules and regulations impact your business is critical for any company to comply. Although both regulations are changing, a substantial shift has occurred for many items moving from ITAR to EAR control. This has resulted in new ECCNs (and new requirements) for many items that historically have been controlled under the ITAR.

However, ECR is not just limited to moving items from ITAR to EAR. There are many other important changes to understand, including: new definitions of key regulatory terms, new exceptions/exemptions, new requirements and new tools to help exporters navigate the changes.

Let us help you understand the reforms

    • Re-classification of items from ITAR to EAR (the new “600 series” of ECCNs)
    • Applying new license exceptions to your exports (such as License Exception STA)
    • Correctly understanding new definitions (e.g., “specially designed”) and using these to re-evaluate your items and technologies
    • Staying up-to-date on what has already changed, and what has not
    • Evaluating proposed new rules to understand the impact to your business

ECR represents the most significant change to U.S. export regulations in decades. We can help you stay current on these changes and apply them correctly to your operation.