Export Compliance Certification

Many people contact us for export certification, when they should be looking for something else.

Certification or Compliance? These two words get tossed around a lot – and often used interchangeably – in our industry. Despite the apparent similarities, there’s a big difference in these two terms. It’s important to understand this as you try to help your organization comply.

Export Certification doesn’t exist:

  • Unlike some quality systems (e.g., ISO, AS9100, etc.), there is no set of certification criteria for U.S. export regulations.
  • Furthermore, there are no independent certification bodies for import/export regulations. (And if you happen to find one, just recognize that the “certification” they may provide isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!)
  • Because of these facts, obtaining an “export certification” is not something a company or organization can do.

Compliance is the key:

  • Instead of looking for a meaningless certification, organizations should seek to be compliant with U.S. import/export regulations.
  • The only “standard(s)” to comply with are the regulations themselves!
  • Export compliance means your company understands U.S. export regulations and has a documented process to follow

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