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We are very pleased with the expertise that Export Solutions has provided AIM Sports the past few quarters. Our Trade Compliance Specialist, Denise Shirey, has truly been an asset to our International team. Denise’s professionalism and knowledge (SME) added tremendous value as she helped us to better understand and navigate through ITAR and EAR as well as assist us to establish processes (SOPs) along with exporting best practices. Thank you and we appreciate the partnership! Drew Hopman Sales Director, AIM Sports
The Export Solutions team has been awesome! They are my go-to resource for export questions and they never fail to provide the necessary information. Mickey Swortzel CFO, New Eagle, LLC
Beverly has taken excellent care in reclassifying all of our units. We are very pleased with Export Solutions, and would highly recommend you in the future. Cher Gibson Program Director, Condor Pacific Industries of California, Inc.
I highly recommend Export Solutions as a one-stop provider for all of your company’s trade compliance needs. It is terrific to work with an organization that is able to adapt to our needs so readily and effectively. Colin Luke Project Manager, Setpoint Integrated Solutions
I have been very pleased with Export Solutions. Jim consistently and effectively addresses questions/issues in a timely manner, which is much appreciated since many of AeroTEC’s issues arise early evening PST. I’ve been impressed that Jim and Export Solutions specifically take our company and industry into account when providing advice as well, instead of blanket responses. This is surprisingly difficult to find in regulatory fields. Neil Hunt Export Compliance Officer, AeroTEC, Inc.
I would just like to say once again how happy we were about finalizing and implementing our ITAR Program. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented individuals. Rest assured if/when we need additional assistance in progressing this program you will be the first person we contact. Mariah L. Cajuste Corporate Training Specialist, Olympus Corporation
A year ago we started down this road, getting assistance from you [Don] and Export Solutions. With a lot of thanks to Don and Karla and what you helped us with, we are moving forward with these items and we have completed our project. I just wanted to thank Don and Karla for everything they have done. Section Manager Logistics & Materiel Services, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Caltech
In the last few years, our military sales have rapidly grown, and we have realized we lack good knowledge and experience in complicated export license regulations and requirements. Therefore, we decided to engage a consultant company in this area to give us advice and guide us, and we chose Export Solutions. We are glad we did this, as Jim McShane of your firm has been extremely helpful to us in answering our many questions and giving us guidance in how we should proceed, especially in the self-discovery area of export regulations. The professionalism, service and expertise provided by Export Solutions are of the highest quality. Joe Ouchida CEO, Olympic Aviation
We needed a quick analysis of the applicability of export regulations to satisfy a potential investor during its due diligence investigation. It was a limited task, but it involved a complicated technical area, and we needed a quick response. Export Solutions provided professional service, met our timeline and produced a very useful report. I’ll definitely use them for any future export regulation needs that arise. Dan Beharry General Counsel, Rotonix USA, Inc.
I appreciate how Export Solutions stepped up to help me understand the ITAR and EAR. I was brand new to the subject and now feel well prepared to carry out my duties as ECO. In addition, the employee training program they provided was excellent and really helped me bring the proper message home to our employees. Michelle Blattenberger Export Compliance Officer, Container Research Corp.
We have been very pleased with the services and support provided by Export Solutions. We have no regrets choosing to work with them. They have helped us better understand export control requirements and how they apply to our company and products. Want to get real value for your consulting dollar? I would recommend adding Export Solutions to your export control compliance team. Roger Crist Director of Quality, Moxtek, Inc.
I would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate what Export Solutions has done for our company. I am new to the export world, and you were able to take something that seemed to be in another language and help us understand it. The trainings and webinars are great because, even though they thoroughly explain the rules and regulations, you put it in layman’s terms. Don has given us the ability to implement our export control program and the confidence to know we’re doing the right things. It’s a comfort to know that, no matter how simple the questions are, we can always turn to you for guidance. Thanks for all you do! Kim Engstrom Export Compliance Officer, Fitz Aerospace
Previously, ATC used two different “export consultants.” I asked one for an explanation of who needed to register with the DDTC. They provided a response several days after I needed it, billed me $450, and their answer was different from what the DDTC help desk gave (whose recommendation I ultimately followed). Several weeks later, I was a participant at an Export Solutions free webinar. I asked the same question and received the same answer as the DDTC gave me. There are a lot of consultants out there, but Don and the team at Export Solutions are the best I found. Al Coutinho Former Director of Quality, ATC Aerospace
Recognizing that our export compliance program could be improved I attended one of your seminars. It was an eye opener. After conferring with my management we hired Export Solutions to assist in improving our program. Your advice was solid, to the point, and easy to understand. Emery E. Roberts ASNT Level III, RT, UT, MT, PT, Mistras Service Division, Division 591
Thank you for the detailed advice and for all of your support with this TAA. It's a big deal and will help us proceed with minimal impact. Luc Gravelle System Engineer, Creative Digital Systems Integration
As a Canadian company, we must not only follow Canadian export laws, but also the U.S. regulations. Your program has been instrumental in helping us do both. Thank you! Diane Jansen Chief Financial Officer, Airborne Engines, Ltd.
The money you spend with Export Solutions is a solid investment and worth every penny. No stumbling around the U.S. Government websites trying to decipher exactly what they require. Export Solutions has your back and knows what they are doing. Their service after the sale is amazing and I know we can count on them if we ever encounter a question. Brian Duffee Marketing Manager, Alameda Tool Engineering Corp. (ALTEC)
We are all extremely happy with your service. We couldn't be happier with your method, and we will recommend you to all the companies that we know. Giovanni Nicolacci Vice President and Director of Sales, Defense Trading Corporation
I was very impressed with the level of service provided by Export Solutions. They took time to understand our specific requirements, which involved producing a policy document covering both UK and US export controls from the perspective of a UK manufacturer. Don and his team responded quickly and positively to our requests for ad hoc advice on US export controls and guided us through the complex process in a thorough and patient manner. Mark Bradley Director and Company Secretary, Cross Manufacturing Company (1938) Ltd.
I want to send a quick note to let you know how much we value and appreciate our relationship with your firm. Your team was far more interactive in understanding our business cycle than expected, and gave us stellar support in tailoring our export compliance program to match our business processes. Bert Goering President, The Precision Coil Spring Company
After much research, Export Solutions by far had the best content-to-cost ratio. Your webinar is a very good example of your complete understanding of ITAR and EAR. Our compliance plan was submitted to the customer who requested it. The plan went quickly through their system, and we did not have to revise any part of it. This was a testament to the completeness of the Export Solutions approach. Alex Renner Project Engineer, Royal Plastic Manufacturing, Inc.
Working with Export Solutions to create an Export Compliance Procedure was very beneficial to Lee Air. Without your help, we would be several months behind in creating and implementing a program. Thank you for equipping us with the confidence needed to move forward. Linda Hephner Procurement Manager, Lee Air, Inc.
I started looking at Export Solutions through a free webinar. I was really impressed with their knowledge and ability to answer tough questions as we were going through the presentation, so I decided to bring them in to help develop our Export Compliance Program. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and worked through a couple of scenarios with current products. I learned a great deal and continue to ask questions to help us make sound decisions regarding ITAR/EAR. Tony Bellitto Quality Manager – US Operations - Product Engineering Manager, EPIC Technologies, LLC
I was extremely happy to be part of your training. Our ability to learn quickly, together with the support of Export Solutions, gives me great confidence and – I believe – a high probability of success going forward. Michael Lucas Director, Mechanical Design, Vavni, Inc.
This training helped me a lot. You really simplified some complex issues, and gave me a great starting point for building a compliance plan that will work. Dave Michaud Quality Manager, Fountain Plating Company, Inc.
Export Solutions took the time not only to give a complete overview of the regulations, but also took the time to learn what our facility does and how the regulations affect our business. Bottom line: we are very well pleased with the results. Keith Susko Vice President, Exotic Metal Treating, Inc.
For an Export Compliance Officer, these tools have been invaluable to me. I am very impressed with the level of detail in your program. Sandy Williams Export Compliance Officer, General Aluminum Forgings
This was an excellent basic webinar on U.S. export controls. I would recommend it to anyone who needs an understanding of how and why to be compliant. Very comprehensive. Thanks for sharing. Mary Slack Contracts & Compliance Administrator, Spectracom
We would have had to stop work for a week just to figure out what Export Solutions covered in two days. I’m extremely pleased with the solutions you provided. Ed Englehard President, Owego Heat Treat, Inc.

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