The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is one of our specialties.

Many people have some awareness of the ITAR, but far fewer know about – or understand – the EAR. A thorough understanding of both is essential for any trade compliance program. EAR export control shares many similarities with the ITAR, but there are also some key differences. We work with companies to develop comprehensive solutions for EAR compliance.

Some of our core competencies under the EAR include:

  • Classification and license determination. This means assigning the correct ECCN to your product or service, and determining if a license is needed from there.
  • License application submissions to BIS.
  • Understanding and applying license exceptions
  • Encryption controls
  • Prohibited end-uses and end-users
  • Updates to the EAR as a result of Export Control Reform (including the new “600 series” ECCNs and related changes)
  • De minimis rules

Let’s enhance your compliance to the EAR, so you can avoid costly fines, penalties and other delays for your organization.