Import & Export Compliance Training

Since regulations are constantly changing and international business is more complex than ever, it is necessary for your employees to undergo ongoing import/export compliance training. It can be confusing when your business tries to know what the government expects. The results of non-compliance can be steep (and even ruinous) for companies of all sizes.

Export Solutions can help you remain compliant while also avoiding costly fines, penalties, export debarments and other restrictions on international trade.

We offer a range of compliance training services that address the real-world needs your company faces every day. Our training is comprehensive and covers ITAR, EAR, OFAC, U.S. Customs and other import/export rules and regulations.

As industry leaders and educators, we understand there are different learning styles, and that’s why you have the option of on-site or online training seminars.

What Compliance Training Is Right For Your Business?

Not sure if your employees should attend compliance training? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you need a training course:

  • Does your company work with the defense industry or other products/technologies subject to export restrictions?
  • Do you import or export anything from other companies (raw resources or machined components)?
  • Do you have a workforce spread across the world?
  • Does your company provide products or services that deal with the development, manufacturing, maintenance, or storage of technology, software, or data?
  • Do you employ foreign persons in any of your facilities?

Your business could benefit from our compliance training courses if you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions. Our team will provide your employees with the information you need to remain compliant in all areas of international trade.

We understand that the type of training depends on specific job functions, and we customize each course based on your team and their needs. There are several ways that your business will benefit from our compliance training sessions, including:

  • Provide knowledge that your employees can use to identify the necessary changes to prevent potential violations.
  • Discover red flags that could lead to steep fines and penalties in your business. The more you learn about import/export compliance, the more you realize how much your business
  • may need to improve your current program.
  • If you are in trouble with the government, your business could see a substantial decrease in fines and penalties if your staff completes compliance training sessions.
  • Basic awareness training for all employees delivered remotely or in-person at your facility.
  • “Deep-dive” courses on specific compliance topics, offered remotely or in-person.
  • Online, user-led sessions with test functions, audio/video, and sophisticated recordkeeping.

Common Misconceptions That Lead To Fines & Penalties

Your business is complex with many moving parts. Since import/export regulations are often vague or confusing, your business may be at risk of breaching trade regulations. Here are a few misconceptions that could lead to inadvertent violations that could be placing your company, and your employees, at risk.

1. My Forwarder Handles Details Of Our Compliance Issues

This is not true! Your forwarder (FedEx, UPS, etc.) may have some responsibilities to help you stay compliant, but the greatest liability resides with you -- the exporter. It is your responsibility to provide your forwarder with the necessary information, and also to clearly define their role in helping you stay compliant.

Do not just assume that “everything is taken care of,” because most times it is not! You may also need to regularly audit your forwarders to ensure they are conducting all required steps to protect your company from liability.

2. We Don’t Export Anything

With so much to keep track of in your company, it is easy to overlook the small details that get many businesses in trouble. Do you have foreign suppliers in your production chain? Do you have other people working for you from different countries? Do you have servers outside of the U.S.?

Even if you do not import or export physical goods, your company can find itself responsible for complying with U.S. trade regulations.

3. We Already Work With Lawyers

This is great, and we encourage you to continue working with your law firm if you are happy with their service. We work with many companies who have a team of lawyers, but many lawyers are only trained to provide high-level discussions with their clients.

Many organizations choose to work with us because they need practical advice (that won’t break the bank). While we are not lawyers, our team of compliance experts will provide you with the actionable insight needed to comply in the real world.

4. The Government Doesn’t Want To Control Our Product/Service

Be careful! This is a huge mistake because you are placing your company at risk by guessing what the U.S. government may (or may not) wish to protect. Even if your product/service seems benign, the government may see it differently. Their focus is on protecting U.S. interests and national security. That means it’s not up to you to decide what the government does (or does not) seek to control.

Why Are We The Best Compliance Training Experts?

Export Solutions has the experience that your business needs to be your trusted one-stop provider for all of your import/export needs. We only hire trade compliance leaders who have a minimum of 10 years of experience, and most of our team members have over 20 years of experience in the trade industry.

We know that your business is important and you can’t risk working with a consultant who is fresh out of college or has minimum experience. A trade consultant with only two or three years of experience simply can’t speak to your needs in a practical way.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not “sell” you with experts and then assign you a junior-level associate once the engagement begins. Export Solutions will partner you with our top talent -- consultants who have the skills, background, and availability to meet your company’s needs and expectations.

ITAR and EAR Compliance Training

Instead of following a generic format, our ITAR/EAR compliance training sessions are personalized for the real-world issues and backed with our hands-on experience. We will take the time to understand your company’s unique needs.

We will never tell you what training you “need,” without first understanding your goals, learning objectives and unique challenges. In this way, your team will benefit from customized training that speaks to the real-world issues and questions they encounter every day.

We present our training sessions to the right people and focus on the important questions that they care about. Instead of talking about generic information we will make your session relevant to the jobs and needs of each attendee.

Basic Export Compliance Training

Our 3-hour introductory compliance training session will provide an overview to understand the key components of international trade. This course will provide you with the information you need to be up-to-date with the changing standards that come with trade regulations.

To help your team understand current regulations, we will cover various topics that impact your business, including:

  • How to understand export licensing mandates and specific processes.
  • Understand how to work through the regulatory process for your business operations.
  • Identify and self-classify the hardware and technology that you export.
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Request processing.
  • Register your company with the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (if needed).

During this course, attendees will discover answers to the most important questions:

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Why does the U.S. have these laws?
  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • Why is this important for my company?

Module 2 – Exports Defined

  • What is an export?
  • What is a U.S. Person? A Foreign Person?
  • What are deemed exports and how can they occur?

Module 3 – The Regulations

  • What is the ITAR?
  • What is the EAR?
  • What is OFAC?
  • Who has jurisdiction over what?
  • What are the potential fines and penalties for violations?
  • Where do I go for more information?

Module 4 – Elements of a Compliance Plan

  • What is “due diligence” and how does it apply to us?
  • What should our company address in a compliance program?

Our import/export compliance professionals will help your business remain compliant by providing practical solutions and advice!

Advanced ITAR/EAR Knowledge And Application

This 5-hour advanced course is made for attendees who have a knowledge of trade compliance and builds on information covered in our Basic Export Control Awareness Course.

Your specialized training session is designed for employees who need advanced information about regulations for their role. This includes ITAR Empowered Officials, Sales & Marketing, Shipping & Receiving, Human Resources, Export Compliance Officers and other specialists.

During the course attendees will explore the following concepts:

Module 5 – Classification

  • The key role of classification
  • Which regulation do I use?
  • Understanding the USML for ITAR classification
  • Understanding the CCL for EAR classification

Module 6 – Identifying Controls

  • How does the U.S. government control exports?
  • Do I need a license?
  • Understanding ITAR and EAR licenses
  • Understanding license exemptions and exceptions
  • General Prohibitions and how they apply to my business

Module 7 – Licensing and Agreements

  • How do I apply for a license?
  • Steps for preparing and submitting a license application
  • License lodging, decrementing and expiration
  • Understanding agreements with the U.S. Department of State
  • Fulfilling the obligations of your license

Module 8 – Your Compliance Program

  • Understanding the 18 elements of effective compliance
  • Topics Covered Include: Program Organization, Management, Policy Statement, Registration, Classification, Licensing, Re-Exports/Re-Transfers, Commodity Jurisdiction
  • Requests, Denied Parties Screening, Employee Status and Training, Digital Data Control, Visitors and Meetings, Sourcing/Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving, Sales/Marketing,
  • Voluntary Disclosures, Mergers, Recordkeeping and Program Assessment

This advanced compliance training program is specifically designed for companies who need extra support and guidance in the regulations. Even though this is an advanced course, it is valuable for both newcomers and experienced compliance professionals.

Not only will this session cover specific applications of U.S. export regulations, ITAR, EAR and OFAC rules, it will also help you understand recent regulatory developments. This means that attendees will receive the information and direction they need to navigate the laws, rules, and regulations to keep your company compliant.

Customized Compliance Training For Your Company

The compliance training that our staff offers is packed with value from the moment you begin to work with us. Unlike other firms and training solutions, we do not charge “per attendee” -- you only pay for our time, regardless of how many people you have in the room. This is a huge cost saving for your organization!

It is necessary that all employees receive adequate compliance training in current ITAR, EAR and OFAC laws. Our compliance instructors will structure each course to be easy-to-follow and utilize learning methods that are comprehensive and engaging.

As part of our training, we also take time to identify your unique problems and train to those issues. This makes the training more efficient and relevant for the audience.

We are here to simplify, educate and alleviate existing and potential problems. We encourage companies to start consulting with us early. Start with the basic compliance training, then move into advanced training as need. Once we have identified your needs we will only train in those areas which are efficient and effective.

The Day of Your Compliance Training Sessions

Each of our instructors will share from their years of experience, so your organization recognizes how export control regulations impact real-world operations. Understanding day-to-day challenges and roadblocks will allow your team to be proactive and provide creative solutions.

One and two-day ITAR or EAR compliance training sessions are available along with more advanced courses on specialized topics that we can customize to meet the needs of your departments and attendees. Customization equals success because it allows for the unique nuances of each business.

Our team is ready to provide your company with the best compliance training solutions available. Claim your no-charge consultation today!