International trade is becoming more complex, and that’s why your business needs the support of proven compliance experts to help with the confusing aspects of ITAR and EAR. Export Solutions offers full-service trade compliance programs to help your company avoid the harsh penalties of violating trade compliance regulations.

An international trade consultant is more than just someone who can read and understand government regulations. They’re an integral part of your supply chain and a valuable “go-to” resource for all of your compliance questions and issues.

The real value of a trade consultant is not simply how well they know regulatory compliance and how hard they will work for you. Your company also requires someone who can deliver practical, unique compliance solutions. Someone with real-world, “hands-on” experience.

Here are a few ways that our trade consulting experts can help you navigate through the complex world of international trade regulations:

  • Prevent violations, thereby avoiding costly fines, penalties and shipment seizures.
  • Help streamline your supply chain.
  • Resolve issues between your company and the U.S. Government’s import/export agencies.
  • Keep your shipments moving quickly out the door, while also giving you the peace of mind that your company is complying with the law.

Could your company be at risk of receiving the severe fines that come with regulatory infractions? By combining our unmatched knowledge and experience with a tireless commitment to your business needs, Export Solutions has earned the reputation as a premier trade compliance firm.

Who Needs Our Consultancy Services?

It may seem obvious, but if your company is involved in the exporting or importing of goods, services, or data to or from another country then you likely fall under ITAR and/or EAR. No matter the size of your company or the industries you serve, your business is required to comply with various trade laws.

Since ITAR and EAR can be vague or confusing regulations, it’s critical to understand their impact and develop and maintain a compliance program to ensure you abide by these rules. Here are some signs that you probably need a trade compliance consultant:

  • You’ve never heard of ITAR or EAR and don’t know if they apply to your business.
  • You’ve received “friendly” phone calls from government agents at State, Commerce, Treasury, ICE or Census.
  • You (wrongly) believe that your freight forwarder takes care of all import/export compliance for you.
  • Your shipment has been seized by Customs and won’t be released.
  • The one person at your company who handles trade compliance just quit.
  • You know you’re doing some things right, but also know you could do better.

Export Solutions’ trade compliance services are designed to assist your company if it does not have the resources to hire in-house trade consultants. Even if you have full-time employees who provide oversight, you may require additional compliance specialists to engage with the global marketplace proactively.

Our consulting services cover areas of your business needs, including licensing, verification, and audits of your daily operations to improve trade efficiencies.

How Can Our Trade Compliance Specialists Help You?

Export Solutions is a team of experienced trade compliance specialists who provide expert services to help organizations comply with the U.S. and international import/export regulations. We are a full-service consulting firm with a broad knowledge of trade compliance.

We have the expertise and background to handle all of your trade compliance needs for any industry and any region around the world. We will be able to help your company in many ways, including:

  • Evaluate and improve your trade compliance functions through a program of audits and assessments.
  • Support your import/export licenses – from initial draft to final submission.
  • Act as a “sounding board” and resource to answer questions, resolve issues and avoid violations.

Partner With Our Trade Consulting Experts

Not all trade consultants are the same! Export Solutions has worked with hundreds of organizations across the globe, and our team has decades of experience to help you.

Our experience with customer-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a management program to improve cost-effectiveness and streamline operations across all operations of your business.

Take the first steps to secure your compliance and prevent unnecessary headaches so you and your employees can focus on your business. Our consultancy services work well for companies of all sizes, and our trade compliance experts are standing by and ready to talk with you today!

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