By Tom Reynolds, Export Solutions

Apparently, DDTC has encountered some glitches in its new process for online payment of ITAR registration fees. According to a recent notice on its website, DDTC states that a number of U.S. registrants have experienced difficulties transmitting ACH payments. Now the agency is offering an alternative method using FedWire.

This brings the total number of ways you can pay fees electronically up to six, as follows:

For US Companies

ACH for New Registrants
ACH for Existing Registrants

FedWire for New Registrants
FedWire for Existing Registrants

For Non-US Companies

SWIFT for New Registrants
SWIFT for Existing Registrants

Hopefully, this new method will alleviate any difficulties and streamline the new process for many companies.

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Tom Reynolds is the President of Export Solutions, a consultancy firm which specializes in helping companies with import/export compliance.