By Jim McShane, Export Solutions

Moving one step closer to the Single IT system goal of Export Control Reform, DDTC has acquired a new case management IT system to modernize its business processes. Additionally, DDTC has begun accepting comments related to the new DS-7788 (Application for Permanent Export, Temporary Export or Temporary Import of Defense Munitions, Defense Services and Related Technical Data). Plans are that the DS-7788 will supersede the DSP-5, DSP-6, DSP-61, DSP-62, DSP-71 and DSP-74. The DS-7788 can be used for export, import, reexport/retransfer, reconsideration and advisory marketing licenses

The introduction of a new “all-in-one” licensing form (DS-7788) will be joined by the DS-7787 (Disclosure of Violations of the Arms Export Control Act) Form which will permit the filing of Initial and Full Voluntary Disclosures. Additionally, the DS-7787 can be utilized for Extension Requests; Submission of Supplemental Information; 3rdParty Violation Notifications and Responses to DDTC questions/requirements.

Rounding out the new additions will be the DS-7789 (Statement of Material Change, Merger, Acquisition or Divestment of a Registered Party). The DS-7789 will be used for 5 day and 60 day notifications required in instances of Merger, Acquisition or Divestment of a Registered Party.

Even after all comments are reviewed/accepted or rejected, DDTC will require Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval for the data collection and use of the associated new forms.

Below are instructions for completing the new forms.

Instructions for DS-7788 Form

Instructions for DS-7787 Form

Instructions for DS-7789 Form

Jim McShane is a Sr. Consultant, Trade Compliance for Export Solutions -- a full-service consulting firm specializing in ITAR and EAR regulations.