By Karla Niemi, Export Solutions

One of the big questions in the international business world is: “Are my products and/or data controlled by export compliance regulations?” The answer is … YES!

Nearly everything is export controlled. The few exceptions are publicly available data and technology. This means that, unless you’re dealing with publicly available information that your company would give to anyone and everyone, then whatever it is, it is likely controlled by export compliance regulations. Chances are, not many companies are in the business of giving out free information. So, the real question should be: “How are my products and/or data controlled? And what are the requirements?”

There are many misconceptions about export compliance. It’s perceived as a huge obstacle for many businesses. And it’s no surprise that companies are overwhelmed with these regulations, since they are extremely convoluted and intimidating. For example, this seemingly simple question (“How is my item or technology controlled?”) is much more complicated to answer than most would assume.

If you have delved into any of the export regulations, you may already be aware of exactly how difficult this task can be. When you begin to realize all the many details and requirements, it can be overwhelming. The EAR, ITAR, OFAC, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and many other U.S. regulatory agencies are involved in export compliance. It is no wonder that President Obama called for export control reform four years ago. However, so far, not much has changed to make things any easier on exporters.

Export Solutions can help your company make sense of, and simplify, the many requirements you’re subject to. Let us find the answers you need, so that your company move forward with confidence, in the right direction.