By Tom Reynolds, Export Solutions

Trade Compliance Managers Need To Stay Updated

One of the questions we often hear is:  “How do you stay current on the regulations?”  Of course, there’s no single-source answer to this.

We attend conferences, webinars, talk to colleagues and follow a range of blogs and websites.  All of these help our team stay sharp.

If you’re a trade compliance manager, you know that staying up-to-date on the latest news and regulations is essential to keeping your business in compliance.

But with so much information across various governing bodies, each year can be daunting, and it can take time to figure out where to start reading about import and export compliance.

When you comply with export, financial, and trade laws worldwide, you protect your business’s reputation and ensure the global supply chain is unencumbered.

We’ve created this list of twelve must-read blogs for trade compliance managers. These blogs will help you stay informed and up-to-date on trade compliance, from industry news sources to government resources. So bookmark this page and check back often – you’ll be glad you did!

12 Trade Compliance Blogs You Should Read

The day-to-day demands of being a trade compliance manager don’t leave much time for additional tasks. You have a lot on your plate between reviewing transactions, updating policies, training (or re-training) your teams, and so much more.

Following export blogs is a great way to keep tabs on upcoming events, industry trends, conversations, and the latest news on all things trade compliance.

Here are the top twelve trade compliance blogs you should be reading.

1. Export Solutions, Inc

It would be bad if we started this list without giving ourselves a “shameless plug,” right?  We think our blog is pretty cool and hope you do, too.  Whether you’re a risk manager, contract & regulatory manager, or compliance officer, Export Solutions has an excellent blog filled with the latest happenings in import/export control regulations.

We try to bring the expertise of the Export Solutions team to every article, from debunking compliance myths to general compliance regulations updates on BIS, ITAR, and EAR. It’s an excellent resource for staying current in trade compliance.

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2. Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle is a daily trade compliance newsletter published by Full Circle Compliance. It updates readers on global defense and high-tech trade regulations and laws in an accessible newsletter format.

It’s perfect for busy trade compliance professionals looking to know about updates as soon as they happen.

That’s because the editors of The Daily Bugle check multiple trade regulation organizations from around the world, such as the U.S. Federal Register and the Congressional Record,  to ensure their readers are up-to-date, allowing you to stay informed by looking in one central location.

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3. The Descartes Visual Compliance Export Compliance Journal

The Descartes Visual Compliance Export Compliance Journal continues to compile content contributed by industry experts and a team dedicated to compliance.

In this journal, you’ll find everything related to restricted parties, OFAC-compliant items, and more. It’s a great source for export regulation practices (and news).

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4. EU Sanctions

If your company routinely trades with the European Union and the United Kingdom, the EU Sanctions blog is a great resource.

It focuses on developments in the UK, EU, UN, US, and other international trade regimes to ensure its readers are up-to-date on global trade.

This blog is perfect for a Director of Global Trade Compliance and Government Contracts, an Associate Director of Global Trades and Compliance, or similar roles that must stay updated on global trade developments.

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5. ST&R Trade Reports

ST&R Trade Reports offers daily posts on global trade policy and regulation. They also provide 2-minute podcasts for trade compliance managers who like to listen to updates on the go.

You can subscribe to daily updates to ensure you don’t miss any developments. Subscribers can also access the ST&R Trade Reports in Spanish, making it accessible to even more trade professionals.

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6. U.S. Customs & Border Protection

The U.S. Customs & Border Protection offers a Cargo Systems Messaging Service that communicates news and updates to trade partners via an automated system known as ACE.

Their blog consists of all past messages, searchable using the control F function on your keyboard.

This is an excellent way for compliance officers in North America to stay up to date with the cargo systems in the world of global trade.

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7. U.S. Treasury

The United States Department of Treasury maintains a blog of all its essential press releases and featured stories.

These developments often deal with financial news about international affairs, including sanctions and embargoes updates, which often impact trade regulations.

The press releases cover sanctions and updates in various sectors, making it a good resource for a risk manager or global trade manager who needs to know what’s happening in the global financial markets.

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8. BIS

The Bureau of Industry and Security, or BIS, is the intersection between security and industry issues.

Their blog covers publications, press releases, and updates to trade compliance, regulations, and training.

It’s an excellent resource for any trade compliance professional who needs to know the ins and outs of national security concerning the importing and exporting business.

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9. Federal Register

It’s been around for almost 90 years!  The Federal Register offers daily updates of Presidential documents, such as declarations, proclamations, and federal regulations amendments.

Their blog has a search feature that makes it easy to check for past updates and a running table of contents broken down by department to make it easy for trade compliance managers to find information on a specific sector.

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10. Diaz Trade Law

The Customs and International Trade Law blog from Diaz Trade Law offers a weekly customs & trade snapshot that rounds up all industry developments in one easy-to-read post.

They also publish a weekly customs bulletin that offers more information on each topic. The blog is packed with essential information on adjusting your practices to fit the trade law updates, making it an excellent resource for anyone in customs and international trade.

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11. Export Control Webinars

Export Control Webinars are different from your average blog. Their posts include 60-minute webinars to provide training on trade regulation updates and how to implement these changes in your trade practices.

It’s a great option for trade compliance managers who enjoy listening to information. You can play their webinars on your lunch break or between meetings to stay up-to-date on the latest industry changes.

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Trade compliance managers must keep tabs on tariff data and merchandise trade updates to ensure their company follows best practices.

The DataWeb blog from USTIC offers access to past, present, and future tariff rates in various formats. They also have a Commodity Translation Tool that allows users to find significant correlations between classification systems and related data.

This makes it more than a blog- it’s a critical resource for any trade compliance manager.

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Stay Up-To-Date On Trade Compliance With The Best Industry Blogs

Whether you’re looking to clean up your ITAR program or stay informed on the latest in exporting and importing regulations, trade compliance blogs are a great resource.

Take the time to find the right blogs for your unique position, and make sure to catch another update again. This will keep your company compliant and make it easier for you to make informed decisions on everything from OFAC compliance to export control regulations and more.

You won’t miss a beat in trade laws and regulations news by bookmarking these blogs and adding them to your RSS feed.

Tom Reynolds is the President of Export Solutions, a consultancy firm which specializes in helping companies with import/export compliance.