ITAR Training

Why Your Business Needs ITAR Training

Leaders of any company want to have complete confidence that their business is always in compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). However, the question is how to build a system to achieve this goal? Finding a way to make sure your entire business remains compliant with all ITAR regulations is one of the hardest parts of any export business.

ITAR compliance is becoming more critical than ever before for companies that manufacture, export, or broker defense articles or defense services. This is because each ITAR violation carries severe sanctions that range from criminal to civil penalties, and each infraction can result in millions of dollars and even jail time.

Regardless of your company's size, income, or the industries you serve, ITAR compliance is a crucial aspect of your business that must be understood and applied.

Drawing on years of experience working for the U.S. Government and private industry, our team of training facilitators can help make the regulations real for people at every level of your organization.

Through the use of actual examples, illustrations, and exercises, we’re able to turn a “boring” subject into one with real relevance for every employee.

Who Should Attend ITAR Compliance Programs?

We welcome attendees to join us for our ITAR training courses to learn about ITAR and other regulations that apply to the export business. During these training sessions, attendees will gain a deep understanding of how ITAR impacts the international market and what is required across their company to avoid costly civil and criminal fines that can result from noncompliance.

Since ITAR is continually changing and impacts so many elements of your business operations, it is a good idea to have your in-house compliance personnel and other key employees attend courses specific to the roles of their jobs.

We can customize each session for both new employees who are establishing a basic understanding of export controls, all the way to C-Level executives who need to have more detailed training on ways to prevent penalties.

What Are Different ITAR Training Courses?

There are many training courses on the market today. You need one that applies to your business, addresses the real-world issues you face, and breaks things down into easy-to-understand concepts. We’ve been delivering this kind of training for years.

Export Solutions has worked with hundreds of companies just like yours to provide customizable, hands-on training for all levels of compliance. Our team will work with you from start to finish to understand your company's needs, identify areas of growth potential, and build knowledge for professional development.

Our presenters are subject matter experts in their field, and attendees will gain valuable insight to help your company achieve and remain compliant with ITAR.

Basic Export Compliance Training

Our 3-hour introductory compliance training session will provide an overview to understand key components of international trade. This course will give you the information you need to be up-to-date with the changing standards that come with trade regulations.

To help your team understand current regulations, we will cover various topics that impact your business, including:

  • How to understand export licensing mandates and specific processes.
  • Understand how to work through the regulatory process for your business operations.
  • Identify and self-classify the hardware and technology that you export.
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Request processing.
  • Register your company with the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (as necessary).

Our import/export compliance professionals will help your business remain compliant by providing practical solutions and advice!

Advanced ITAR/EAR Knowledge And Application

This 5-hour advanced course is made for attendees who have a knowledge of trade compliance and builds on information covered in our Basic Export Control Awareness Course.

Your specialized training session is designed for employees who need advanced information about regulations for their role. This includes ITAR Empowered Officials, Sales & Marketing, Shipping & Receiving, Human Resources, Export Compliance Officers and other specialists.

This advanced compliance training program is specifically designed for companies who need extra support and guidance in the ITAR. Even though this is an advanced course, it is valuable for both newcomers and experienced compliance professionals.

Advanced Export Compliance Training Sessions

Not only will this session cover specific applications of U.S. export regulations, ITAR, EAR, and OFAC rules, it will also help you understand recent regulatory developments. This means that attendees will receive the information and direction they need to navigate the laws, rules, and regulations to keep your company compliant.

Customized Compliance Training For Your Company

The compliance training that our staff offers is packed with value from the moment you begin to work with us. Unlike other firms and training solutions, we do not charge “per attendee” -- you only pay for our time, regardless of how many people you have in the room. This is a considerable cost saving for your organization!

It is necessary that all employees receive adequate compliance training in current ITAR, EAR and OFAC laws. Our compliance instructors will structure each course to be easy-to-follow and utilize learning methods that are comprehensive and engaging.

As part of our training, we also take time to identify your unique problems and train to those issues. This makes the practice more efficient and relevant for the audience.

We are here to simplify, educate and alleviate existing and potential problems. We encourage companies to start consulting with us early. Start with the basic compliance training, then move into advanced training as need.

Once we have identified your needs we will only train in those areas which are efficient and effective.

Schedule Your ITAR Training Course Today!

Our ITAR training solutions are entirely adaptable to your situation. They can be delivered remotely (via online meeting), or face-to-face at your location. We’ll incorporate real-life examples from your operations, and address the specific questions and issues your employees face every day.

Take the first steps to secure your business and prevent unnecessary headaches so you and your employees can focus on your business. Our ITAR training specialists are standing by and ready to talk with you today!