Category: From the President

“Real-world” continual improvement

The topics of “improvement” and “reality” are hot in our culture. During my career, I have worked at a number of companies that embraced “continual improvement.” Unfortunately, in many cases, these efforts did not have the intended result. They didn’t change how we actually did things.

Information and War

Information access and data control are critical to understanding and complying with the U.S. export regulations. These concepts are at the forefront of our export laws and regulations, and they will only become more important in the years ahead.

Budgets and Bottom Lines

It’s that time of year again. The time when organizations begin to evaluate how they’ve performed over the past 12 months, and what they’ll do to improve that performance next year. Thankfully, most businesses do a better job of planning their expenses than our elected officials in Washington, D.C.

Growing for the future

Whether it’s the economy, unemployment, stock portfolios, the height of our children, or the expansion of our waistlines – we’re all interested in growth. At Export Solutions, we believe that the strength of our organization lies with our people, and our growth follows from that strength. With that, I’m happy to announce the addition of two excellent trade compliance specialists to our team.

Keep it Simple

I hear it from every client: “We want to be complaint, but we need a simple system and a process that will actually work.” That, to me, is the name of the game. Unfortunately, so many export consultants only seem to complicate things further.

5 uncommon questions to ask the export consultant you’re about to hire

I’ve talked with a lot of people over the years who are interested in hiring a consultant to help improve their company’s export compliance. It's a decision that should not be taken lightly. Here are five uncommon questions that will give you a better picture of what it will actually be like to work with your consultant. In my opinion, these questions give you far more insight than any contract or proposal ever will.

ECR is about strengthening our national security

For years, we’ve been telling our clients that one of the primary reasons for export control is U.S. national security. The recent events in Boston give testimony to this priority. Despite what some would have us believe, there are countries and factions of people who want to harm the citizens of the United States, and they’ll even use our own products and technologies to help achieve these despicable goals.